We have socially distant seating available in 2 classrooms and even a new outdoor seating area.  We are doing our best to provide you with a clean and safe environment and have hand sanitizer stations at every table. Masks required for Ages 10 and up. If you are still looking to create at home, don't worry!  We are still offering Kits To-Go!  Thank you all for your continued support of local art and small business.  WELCOME BACK TO THE MOON!   

Paper Pumpkin patch

Now available as an Art Kit To-Go or order online and ship direct.


Includes materials and instructional video for 2 pumpkins in 2 sizes, $25.

now only $20!

Lil Chip Projects to create...

Available to create in-house.  Walk-ins welcome!  Groups of 6 or more should RSVP. 

Lil Chip projects are also available To-Go, stop in or call to order (419-867-0683)


lil' chip leaves




Ages 4 to Adult

Our Lil Chips of glass and crushed glass frit make the perfect puzzle pieces for designing unique falling leaves.


Now thru 11/30, available in Lil' Chips  

the monster mash



Ages 10 to Adult

Just in time for Halloween, these little critters are a fun and unique way to make a spooky memory.


Now thru 10/30, available in Lil' Chips 

the frit dish



Ages 10 to Adult

Crushed glass frit you can sweep into so many designs!  Limited time ingredient, select colors only.


Now thru 10/30, available in Lil' Chips 




Ages 4 to Adult


A house favorite that reappears each year, the LOVEBUGS always bring a smile. 


Now thru 10/30, available in Lil' Chips 

you can choose from any of our  seasonal features or our standard menu when you arrive to create...

Sign up to save your spot...

  • It's the original, the most popular, and easy for adults and kids!

    Offered Daily

    1 hr

    Starting at $15 each
  • Take this class again and again, trying different "recipes" and ideas!

    2 hr 30 min

    Starting at $40 each
  • Group Seating and Private Room Options available.

    1 hr 30 min

    Starting at $15 each
  • Group Seating and Private Room Options available.

    2 hr 30 min

    Starting at $40 each
  • Great idea for scouts, day-cares, group homes, schools and more!

    1 hr

    Starting at $15 each
  • Group Seating and Private Room Options available.

    1 hr 30 min

    Starting at $15 each

Stuck at home?


Come get an Art Kit TO-GO! 


 Great project on your own,

or get a bunch

for the whole family! 



We are creating new ideas to inspire so you can create over and over again!

How to order Art Kits To-Go...

Step 1 - Choose your projects to create from our Lil Chips menu - or choose one of our seasonal features.

Step 2 - Place your order with us, we are open daily.  

You can call us at 419-867-0683.  

You can email us: info@coppermstudio.com.  

(Kits are ready same-day for pick up, while supplies last.)

Step 3 - You can make your payment by phone or in person at pick-up.  Curbside service is available or you can come in and pick-up.

Step 4 - After you finish your projects, return your kit and finished project to the studio.  

(Kits are limited in supply, so we ask that you return them asap, or within 7 days.)

Step 5 - Stop back anytime after 7 days to pick up your completed projects.  You could even pick up another kit to make more glass art!


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