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Copper Moon features many resources, consignment, and collaboration opportunities for local artists and teachers.

Get inspired and explore!  

hey fellow FUSERS! 


You can now #shoplocal for fusing supplies at Copper Moon! 

- Sheet Glass in over 70+ colors (COE 96)

 - PLUS, we rent kilns too. 

sheet glass stained glass art supplies

Sheet glass

We now sell over 70+ colors of sheet glass, COE 96 from Oceanside.  Available in 3", 6", 12" and 24" sizes, selection will vary.  Plus stringers, dots, and frit!  Need something special - just ask the Moon Crew!

fused glass art supplies

basics to start

Just the basics for now, but we are adding items all the time to help your fused glass creative adventures.  We want to be your local mecca for fusers!  Need a refresher? - sign up for Cut Your Own Glass Projects 

kiln rentals for fused glass

kiln rental

Need some heat?  We got it.  We offer kiln rental to suit your fusing needs,  A single piece or a kiln-full.  Fused glass only folks!  You do the designing - leave the cooking to us. Availability will vary.


Our gallery features work from a variety of artisans in our local area!

The Bold. The Beautiful. The Unique.

If you create something special and are looking to sell your work on consignment,

we are always looking for new work to fill the gallery!



Email us a little about yourself and links to view your work, or send us some pics.  


We will be in touch!

Check out some of our current consignment artists here


COME TEACH A CLASS!  If you create art and enjoy teaching your medium,

we have OPPORTUNITIES to work together to offer your talents to a whole new audience. 

Spacious classrooms

creative space

You bring the talent and materials, we can provide the space and the students.  We offer classes daily, both evenings and weekends.  Let's co-host a creative adventure for the locals, shall we?   

Students can try lots of different creative experiences

Medium of choice

What's your poison?  We have had a wide variety of classes over the past 15 years.  Paper art, succulent sculptures, stained glass, resin, alcohol inks, bonsai, and more.  We aren't afraid to explore at the Moon!

Art for all ages - family fun at Copper Moon

age is just a #...

Art! It's for the kids, the adults, & for the family.  Copper Moon is all about letting the young, and the young at heart, get a chance to create. Same for you! Whether you've taught once, or for years.  Let's give it a go!

Interested in teaching a class at the Moon?  Email us with your ideas and pics.  


We will be in touch! 

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