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The Moon Crew


Copper Moon

Gallery & Gifts

Since 2006, Copper Moon has been a local hot spot for funky finds and unique art. The studio features a spacious gallery to showcase the plethora of fused glass designs and techniques created by Stacy Owen and her creative team.  Copper Moon is one of the largest fusing glass facilities in the state housing - 6 kilns, 70+ colors of glass, while offering custom designs and fused glass classes for children and adults. 

The Moon Crew prides ourselves on a fun, relaxed atmosphere with an appreciation for creativity. 

One of the newest additions to the facility is a plasma cutter and metal studio. This medium will bring new designs and inspirations, expanding on our diverse collection of fused glass artwork.

Explore - Create - Discover!


Suzie Yeager

Moon Crew Cosmonaut

And here is Suzie Yeager.  She joined the team in 2007 with a background in the business world of art and a passion for creativity and service.  Studying fused glass under owner, Stacy Owen and other artists, Suzie now primarily teaches fused glass in daily classes with kids and adults and manages business operations. 


Lily Valdez

Moon Crew Cosmonaut

A native from Miami, Florida - Lily joined us after moving to Toledo in 2018.  With a background in broadcasting, a love for art and culture, and a Cuban flair - she is a one-of-a-kind and a valued team member we are so happy to have.  Plus - the Moon Crew is now bi-lingual...come say hello to our newest Moon Crew amiga!


Cody Mohr

Moon Crew Cosmonaut

Another Moon Crew Cosmonaut, Cody Mohr!  Since 2014, young Cody was coming to create here at Copper Moon.  Even at that early age, he showed a true passion for art.  When he was finally old enough to work, he got his first job here!  His creative spirit and endless ideas are like rocket fuel for the Moon!  He is a Swanton HS graduate, and currently studing digital illustration and animation at Bowling Green University.


Stacy Owen

Moon Crew Commander

Meet the owner and primary artist of Copper Moon Studio! Stacy Owen began Copper Moon back in 2006 in Holland, Ohio. Her adventure started when experimenting with stained glass, but has found her passion in fused glass these days.  Stacy is constantly experimenting with new techniques, creating custom designs, and filling a gallery with handmade artwork!  

"Live the Life You Dream!"


Dan Owen

Moon Crew Metal Virtuoso

This is Dan Owen, artisan and owner of Copper Moon Studio.  He joined the crew back in 2011 when he married Stacy, and discovered his creative side by exploring design and metal fabrication.  The metal studio offers a wide variety of ability including a CNC plasma cutter, milling, welding, powder-coating, and more!  This department is still growing and changing as we discover what metal can do!  


Audrie Mitchey

Moon Crew Cosmonaut

Meet Audrie Mitchey, a valued member of our crew since 2015. She brings her cheerful and hard-working attitude to the team and everyone who comes visit the Moon, spreading smiles from face to face.  She spent years exploring her DIY side, creating and selling a variety of arts and crafts, till Audrie landed on the Moon to share her unique spirit with the customers that visit us to shop and create everyday.  


Moochy Moon Fox

Moon Crew K9 Unit

Perhaps our most adorable crew member, and tied for furriest with Dan - this is Moochy!  Moochy joined the team when he was adopted by Moon Crew Captain, Suzie.  His first visit after leaving the shelter was coming to the Moon!  He loves to come to work, although he hardly works.  But he does enjoy soft pets and belly rubs from visitors.  and is always there to listen and sniff your shoes.  Come meet Moochy Moon Fox!

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